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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Brady Bunch

In so many words, Chris Collingsworth said last weekend that this New England team is possibly the best side in NFL history. John Madden said it was far too early to make such statements. Is it? I'm a diehard Colt's supporter. However, like in the other football, I've always had players and teams that I admire and respect. I suspect its comparable to many things in life, the heart, the intellect, the psyche, the gut, have their own opinions, favourites and I think it's healthy to be open minded and possess the ability to appreciate all things on many levels - which says nothing and everything. My gut told me that there was no way that Brady was going to repeat last season. He's far too competitive, stoic... There was no way Belichick was going to have a fair to middling season. He's far too competitive, stoic, creative, intelligent and plain old stubborn to let anyone prove him wrong. There is physical strength witnessed every game in football, part of the reason I enjoy it, the hitting, the running, the cunning. However in many sports the mental element takes over, intelligence sure, but the spiritualism, a Zen thing. In Brady's case, that's some mind driving his team forward. He's got all the weapons, sure, sure, the great coach, the bankroll of receivers, running backs, defense, special teams. But I think Brady, in all due respect to the artistry and genius of P. Manning, is the Trojan that's making and is pulling this side together,like Chris Collingsworth said, to be one of the best teams in NFL history. It kills me, it really kills me to say it, however...

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Anonymous said...

Ah, painfully true . . .the Brady Bunch might prevail this year undefeated and earmarked for historical significance. Eximious praise, you say? On paperr, at least, they will rank with the Steeler dynasty of the seventies, perhaps the best team ever i.e. Jack Lambert, Lynn Swann, Stallworth, Bradshaw, et al