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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Casualties

The first games of the NFL season are both exhilarating and frightening. Last year, Tom Brady went down in the first play of the first game, gone for one year - devasting. With 52 players on a team why is it the big playmakers are the ones most likey to be injured immediately, completely changing the fate of a team's season. Thursday night, Pittsburgh burst through the gate impressively, but noone was as impressive as their own personal predator, the panther that leaps out of nowhere at anytime, well always the right time, and trounces his prey in one foul swoop - Troy Palamalu. He was flying aroung that field, taking down big men in a swoop. Then he goes down, knee injury - out for 6 weeks. First game of the regular season, Chicago lost their toughest bear - Brian Urlacher - just like that -out fos a year. Heartbreaking. It is, it is but I'm not a Bears or Steelers fan. AS long as the Colts stay healthy,I'll sleep at night, eat and pray. Yes, yes, I take up praying come the start of the NFL season - pray that everyone stays healthy one game at a time.


Matthew Gordon said...

From one author and NFL fan to another, I just discovered your blog! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as the season progresses, not to mention the somehow 1-2 Steelers...

Congratulations on the success with Animal by the way!

Drop me a line soon.

Alexandra Leggat said...

Hey Matthew:

Good to hear from you! Hope all's going well with your writing.