Interview with Allyson Latta

Friday, August 17, 2007


I have always wanted to like the Bills. There is something about them, great players, superb coaching staff - what happens to them? I talked to a pal of mine today, a Bill's fan. He told me that the Bills were playing a pre-season game tonight. Great, I said. Oh, I don't know, he said. What, I said. It's the Bills , he said.

I froze for a minute, just a minute, then it all came very clear to me. My eyes widened and I said, "dude, I know what your team's problem is."

He cocked his head and he said, "Oh, yeah?"

And I said, "Yeah. It's the fans."

And he said, "what?"

I stopped listening to sports radio because of the Buffalo Bill's fans. They are/were the most unloyal fans a team could have. Like picking a daisy - we love you, we love you not, we love you, we love you not - the adolescent love of the team is, well an adolescent love of the team. The team is great, has the potential to be great and when I listen to the radio, to the guys I work with, the well-buts, the excuses, it dawns on me that this team's problem lies not in its merit but in its support.


Kate S. said...

I know some pretty fierce Bills fans from your neck of the woods. No hint of "we love you not" among them!

Alexandra Leggat said...

Oh, yes, I know they have diehard fans - but man, have you ever heard them call into the Buffalo radio show post game days, spent time with them while tailgating?! Just listen and you'll know what I'm getting at. We love Losman, we love him not...and so on and so on. Every team's fans are a thing unto themselves, like the individual teams.