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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reinstating Favre!

It only seems fitting that it's Brett Favre news that kicked my ass back into gear. A friend just emailed me to tell me that Favre has requested his reinstatement papers. Brett whatever for - you left in style, reflective of your great career, your whole persona. Everyone loves you Brett. Now I'm not so sure. I never thought I'd say this about the enigmatic Brett Favre - but dude, you're becoming a little annoying. For years you led up to the grand departure, now this. I thought and wrote about this in my Toro magazine Sports Extras column that it was the fans, the league that had contrived the rumour that you were thinking of returning. I thought it was the fans, the league that had trouble letting you go - but I am clearly wrong. You are having trouble letting go. Understandably. They say athletes go through the toughest time trying to retire and accepting retirement. My dad still has dreams about playing football, or soccer to you. He thinks about it all the time and he retired from playing professionally over thirty years ago. Look what retirement did to O.J. Simpson but you're a stand-up guy Brett. If anyone can handle retiring, I thought it would be you - you've handled everything on your plate - up until now!

Brett you left once - why go through it again. It's like getting back together with that person that you really know you should leave but feel bad for them, or out of habit or guilt stay. Then you'll have to go through the inevitability of breaking up again. Why put yourself, put us, through it again!! Say goodbye Brett - give it up gracefully - but man, give it up. We had all accepted it, you're opening a healed wound, brother and I'm not so sure any of us want to go through getting stitched up again. It's getting ugly Brett - its getting ugly!

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