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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Little Guys

I think I'm getting the whole Fantasy football thing, then I'm thrown for a loop. I won my first two fantasy games, got cocky the second week and dropped a couple of players aiming to improve my running game. I picked up the much touted, but didn't do too much in week 3 - Darren Sproles. Also I grab a stalwart like the Giant's Derrick Ward. Good, I'm happy. Week three goes smoothly, but not great. I win, but another guy in my league gets more points than me. I have to learn to be happy beating my weekly opponent, but oh no, I want to be the best every week in the entire league. So now I've got the mentality of an NFL GM. It's not enough to win each week, you have to win the Super Bowl. So this week all my reliable point makers have a bye week. So in one week I lose four guys including my QB Eli Manning, my kicker Gostowski, Reggie Wayne and my back up QB Kitna - so I've got to drop a couple of players that I like to ensure I've got a kicker and a quarterback in my game this week. So what happens. I add Kerry Collins, okay, I know, I know, but the worst part is after I got two other new guys they went on the injury list - Mr Roscoe Parrish for one. So I ask you, now I've got two guys injured and practically a whole new team of guys I didn't really want but picked up due to the bye week sucking the life out of my team. This is hard man, no fantasy should be this stressful - then last night I watched the killer college game USC against Oregon and was blown away by Oregon's little RB Quincy Rodgers and I thought man, I can't wait to pick up that guy when he comes to the big leagues. It doesn't matter how big and strong you get, the little guys will get you everytime!

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