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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Favre from the truth

I like Brett Favre. I do. He is great to watch, has been one of the greatest quarterbacks to watch over the years. Even throughout his on again off again flirtation with retiring, I have stuck by him because I can't help but like the guy. I am a diehard Indianapolis Colts fan, Peyton Manning is my guru and yet I have written about Brett Favre more than Manning and the Colts. Of Course, Manning doesn't threaten to quit every year.

This time around, I think I want Favre to leave. It bothers me that he doesn't like to attend training camp, that he doesn't feel he has to, which helps explain his inconsistencies. Sometimes he's brilliant and others completely useless - unlike Manning who is, I think, consistently brilliant, even on his off days. It's true Favre has a knack for joining teams in need and bringing out the best in them - a great leader. We saw this with the Jets and with the Vikings. He gives teams hope. He gives teams hope and he gives team's fans hope and that's why I think it's even worse that he threatens to leave each time he joins a new team. He dashes everyone's hopes.

I never liked the Minnesota Vikings. They were one of the teams I liked to dislike. However, last season they were likable, watchable, had a sense of discipline, channeled their thuggery into useful, effective energy which I attribute to Favre. Now the rumor is he won't be returning.

At this point, crying wolf is an understatement. Will I miss him? Or will I miss the on again off again Favre's not returning threat I've come to look forward to at the beginning of each new NFL season? That is the question.


Unknown said...

Brett did a bit better yesterday; another game like the first two and I don't think he'd finish the season on the field.
I'm a 49ers fan (expectations aren't met this season; already 0-3).
And I'm also the Eastern Canada sales rep for Anvil (and the LPG). I really enjoyed "Animal". Bravo!


Alexandra Leggat said...

Hey Jacques:

Thanks for your comment! I have a soft spot for San Fran, my brother lives there, so much talent but they're having a rough time. But my Colts lost this past week too, not good! The Patriot's look frightening. They've got their game back!

Glad you like Animal! Thanks!

Take care,