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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taddle Creek No. 29 Launch and its 15th Anniversary party

Taddle Creek is 15!It’s true: Taddle Creek is now fifteen years old. Let the celebrations begin! The magazine has all kinds of special things planned for the coming year, but the most exciting surely will be its giant-sized fifteenth anniversary issue and accompanying anniversary party.

Taddle Creek No. 29 launches Thursday, December 6th, at No One Writes to the Colonel, 460 College Street (just west of Bathurst), beginning at 8 p.m. While there will be fun and merriment, there will also be door prizes, not to mention brief readings by the all-star lineup of Tony Burgess, Chris Chambers, Alexandra Leggat, Jessica Westhead, and Zoe Whittall. There’s sure to be some unexpected surprises too.* (*Unexpected surprises not guaranteed.)

While you’re there being entertained and winning door prizes, please do pick up Taddle Creek’s anniversary issue. The magazine is especially proud of it. It features new fiction and poetry by Gary Barwin, Alex Boyd, Tony Burgess, Chris Chambers, Michael Christie, Matthew Firth, Jason Guriel, Alexandra Leggat, Marguerite Pigeon, Emily Schultz, Stuart Ross, Paul Vermeersch, Adrienne Weiss, Jessica Westhead, Zoe Whittall, Elana Wolff, and Lindsay Zier-Vogel. Plus: comix by Joe Ollmann and Jason Kieffer, illustrations by Matthew Daley and Nina Bunjevac, Jeet Heer looks at the lost Bible drawings of Dave Lapp, Seth’s secret kingdom, Heather Hogan chats with Grace O’Connell, Taddle Creek finally answers the question, “What’s the deal with the New Yorker’s umlaut?” and more. All wrapped up in a cover by Ryan Heshka. Only $5! Cheap!

Speaking of cheap, here’s a free preview to get you going:

“Dumpling Night,” a new short story by Jessica Westhead; and

“Battleships,” Michael Christie’s first-ever published poem. Because apparently he’s just good at everything. (Oooo! How Taddle Creek hates him!)

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the magazine in any way thus far. Taddle Creek hopes ever so sincerely that you’ll come and help it celebrate on December 6th.

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