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Thursday, April 11, 2013

the poet in me

Was thinking of Hemingway a lot today, his "iceberg theory" write more with less and kept reciting and reciting this poem in my head. I wrote it years ago on a cruise to Havana. Must have been the time spent in Hemingway's home there, the open water and flying fish, Havana and wishing I could still write poetry


you came through water like a dorsal fin

it was too much trouble

to keep your head above it

so you dove in and stayed

it's not the lack of air that's strange

but the silence

how it comforts you

and lures you further down

and when the sun beats through the surface

it's warmer than what you've ever felt from love

it's not absolution - being under

but it's home

(from my first book This is me since yesterday)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alexandra (always K in our hearts). We are delighted to read of your writing accomplishments. Never forgotten. D and K W.