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Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm not the type of person who gets bored. Although at times I do get lost. This Sunday was one of those times. I was lost. Jonesing for football. It was the first Sunday without the NFL and I didn't know what to do with myself, couldn't concentrate. Watched a bit of the Sheffield vs Man City soccer game, but I couldn't get into it. Even Tiger Woods' stellar final round didn't satisfy me. I missed my friends. It's funny how that's what they become those football players, friends.

To occupy myself in the evening, I opened a bottle of Australian Shiraz and watched the Actor's Guild Awards. Now, I stopped watching the Oscars along time ago because they make me ill. Last night's award show was actually quite refreshing. It was laid back, the actors were more natural, not so much bling and over-the-top makeup and gowns. They were more real, likable, funny and moving. There were some great actors recognized and given awards for commendable performances, and the speeches were brief and human-like. Javier Bardem and Daniel Day Lewis stole the stage. Lewis's moving homage to Heath Ledger silenced the entire room. I wondered if anyone was left breathing. It was very cool to see these celebrities in that light, especially these days when the idea of 'celebrity' is so out of control. Last night, I really felt that those awards were being given for art, not politics or mere looks. It wasn't football but it was dramatic and entertaining all the same!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, other withdrawal symptoms include nervous agitation, frenzied panic, excessively sweating palms, inability to sit and do anything, inability to hold meaningful conversations with humans, extreme irritability and longing for the inexplicable, profound misgiving and emptiness, and pure unadulturated depression. I hear you, sister. It's a wonder we ever make it through February. Alas, the SuperBowl arrives anon, and the sadness will abate for a day; then all we have to look forward to is the Pro Bowl and the NFL draft . . . and summer when it all starts up again. Go Manning!