Interview with Allyson Latta

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I'm attempting to understand who the hell the late night talk show hosts think they are. Especially when it's been driven home over the last couple of months that without their writers, they are nothing. And did anybody miss them anyway? All the hoopla made over them returning to late night is sickening. Now if the real talent, the writers were returning, that would be something worth celebrating. It's a sin that the real comics, the wizards of late night are left out on the street, still fighting for what they deserve. Especially when they've already proven that they're invaluable. So vain and desperate, Letterman and others devised deals, but if I were their writers, I'd tell them to stick it, and get the last laugh elsewhere. It's amazing how they take so much credit for other people's work. I'd love to see them attempt to go it alone, step up to the microphone, open their mouths and nothing comes out - speechless. But isn't it ironic that Jay Leno and Letterman's first guests tonight are politicians, kindred spirits, another sector of humanity that can't speak without a writer.

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