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Thursday, July 5, 2007


Tonight at 7:30pm ET Canada play Austria. From here on out they better play with everything they've got, especially balls! Canada have a lot of weapons, there is no reason why they can't take on and stand up to Austria, who will be one tough opponent. I heard one broadcaster say that, "we don't expect Canada to win the whole thing". Yes, we do! Everybody wants their particular country to win, it's all part of it, whether they will or this point it's, almost, anybody's cup.

Darrin P commented on one of my posts that Canada are essentially greenhorns and that it takes time to develop a team. It's true, and tested, look at the U.S. side, thirteen years ago when they were greenhorns they hosted the World Cup, faced the best of the best in soccer boots, now look at them! Canada's U-20's are experiencing the best possible opponents in this competition and hosting The World, but I think we have to remember that the players themselves are far from greenhorns. 'Under-20' can be misleading. These so-called kids pretty much all play for top clubs, many of them are scouted at the ripe old age of 10 or younger. So yes, soccer itself is a greenhorn in this country but that's changing. My dad says it takes about thirty years to develop a great side, time and of course money. Over thirty years ago he came here from England as the first player-coach of the Toronto Metros. I'd say it's just about Canada's time to shine.

I'm also really excited about the Mexico vs Portugal game. I have always loved watching the Mexican national team, like Spain(which I'm so disappointed was not shown on CBC yesterday)and was really impressed with their U-20 side when they played Gambia. The new generation are a little different than their predecessors. I've got my eye on Giovanni Dos Santos and Javier Hernandez, strong players, both physically and mentally. And Portugal a real power house. This should be some game. I hope it's a steely ref or else look out for the red cards!

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Kate S. said...

Hooray, you have a blog! I look forward to checking in with you here, and getting a soccer education along the way...