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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Young Americans

Well, it didn't take long for USA's U-20 star Freddy Adu to get back in the news. Looks like Portugese side Benfica are courting him with big numbers and the deal is almost sealed. If all goes well, Benfica will certainly have a new lease on life because not only will they have the dazzling Adu but the dangerously crafty Argentinian player Angel Di Maria and Argentina's Andres Diaz. Now that's some triple threat. Although Adu and Di Maria didn't get a chance to play against each other in the recent U-20 tournament held in Canada, they are no strangers to the other's feats and capabilities - it's one thing to play against each other, to play on the same team could prove quite thrilling, and I'm sure many of these youngsters would rather have the likes of a Di Maria and an Adu on their side opposed to battling it out against them. On the other side of things Jozy Altidore is holding his own for the Big Apple's Red Bulls, although he just couldn't get the ball in the net during last week's match against Chivas USA, nobody could, not Altidore, Juan Pablo Angel or John Wolyniec, three forwards and no luck. Sometimes that's what the ball does, adopts a mind of its own; hits every part of the goal, posts, crossbar, the goalie, outer-sides, corners and top of the net, but just can't seem to find its way into the back of it. Speaking of backs of things, I think it's going to be a long time before we see the backs of many of the latest U-20 players. News on Mexico's Gio Dos Santo's should be filtering in soon enough and the latest on Argentina's stunner, Sergio Aguero.

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