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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Goals, Goals, Goals

Last night Toronto FC played a friendly against England's Aston Villa, no coverage, that I could see. I flicked and flicked and I flicked channels in an effort to find something about the game and eventually after wading through what seemed like the entire MLB's highlights,finally highlights from the soccer game were shown.

Toronto FC's popularity has taken off like a bullet and in the sold-out match against Aston Villa, they held their own it seems by coming back from a two-nil deficit to tie the game, then allowing two more goals against them in the end, but hell what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. For those of you that think soccer is generally lacking in goals - the 6 scored in this game must have whet your appetite. The highlights didn't satiate my desire to have seen the entire game, however, I should just find a way to see them in person, soak up the atmosphere and chant an anthem or two.


j-love said...

That game was on at the bar after my hockey game last night! My friend Sarah's husband has season tickets. If they ever want to get rid of any of their tickets, I will let you know!

Alexandra Leggat said...

Sounds good! What channel was the game on, do you know? Satellite, the new soccer channel? Or some other obscure channel I can't get in my neck of the woods!