Interview with Allyson Latta

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Not Knowing

At this point in the tournament, I feel like anything can happen. I'm sure that for most people the money's on Argentina to win over Chile and move onto the final against the Czech Republic. However, who knows - anything can happen. Chile are not oblivious to what they are up against tonight and they didn't get this far without being the tricky, passionate team that they are. Sometimes the not knowing is more disconcerting. I'm very anxious, just to see what unfolds. What I do know, I think I can safely say, is that tonight's game will possess a lot more bells and whistles than last night's match between Austria and the Czech Republic - both literally and figuratively. It's almost down to the final in this very satisfying U-20 World Cup and I'm still reeling from the quarter finals; between Austria beating the US, and Mexico losing to Argentina - that game was like a great story that just resonates with you for days, maybe weeks after. I better get over it, and prepare myself for what's to come. Tonight's game should be one of technical wizardry and passion - look out for the fireworks.

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