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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One Wrong Move

We've reached the first elimination round of the U-20 World Cup and I'm getting nervous. One wrong move and 4 of the best teams in this competition will be going home. The 3 games I'm really excited about in today's match-ups are USA vs Uruguay, I've yet to see Uruguay play in this World Cup but if history has any bearing on their performance, it should be a tough game, for both sides. Spain vs Brazil - again, have yet to see Spain play and I hope I get to see them today because I love the way the Spanish nationals play. I've watched Brazil and still think they're a little green, individual talent abounds, but their team work has yet to be mastered. And Japan vs Czech Republic - I've heard the Czech side are very strong, and I've witnessed Japan be dazzling and then not-so-dazzling, so I'm not sure how predictable their performance will be. How they play seems to depend on how the other team plays, so if the Czech side is going to give them a fight, I think they'll rise to the occasion. Austria vs Gambia is one game I'm not biting my fingernails off about, but hell it could turn out to be the one to watch.

My money's on USA, Spain, Japan and Gambia. I think I'll need a pint or two through this round!!

Then, tomorrow's another story.


Anonymous said...

America vs. Austria next. So far you've been prophetic about the US. But minus Altidore, and yellow-carded to the max, they may be in trouble. Still, I think they'll handle Austria. Do you?

Alexandra Leggat said...

I think the US will have no trouble against Austria. I think they've proven that against all elements,even minus Altidore, that they have many weapons on this team. They still have Freddy Adu at the helm. What troubles me is that whatever has got Austria this far is a mystery,aside from their Germanic-like qualities. I hope whatever it is doesn't reveal itself this weekend!