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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Kids are Alright

I was a little overwhelmed yesterday with three games in U-20 World Cup. It was so exciting. What I love so much about this is watching the new generation of players. For years I've been watching and have become very attached to the old school.

It's like following college football and basketball. You have the opportunity to pick out the stars of the future. I've followed the likes of Peyton Manning from college to the Superbowl. By the second round of this tournament individual players will start to identify themselves. Right now I'm watching the teams as a whole. I love that Portugal exhibited the calibre and finesse of their superiors, their role models. They were cut right from that mold, little Figo's and Nuno Gomez's, et al. They looked very strong, a little too strong for the inexperienced New Zealand. New Zealand show a lot of potential though. I think it's good that they started with such a tough opponent as Portugal.

More later, especially on the Mexico and Gambia game!!


Anonymous said...

Adu has proved to America that he deserved the hype when he came on the scene at the age of fourteen. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon have dissed him in the past. Is he really as good as advertised? Have a look at his three dazzling goals vs. Poland: first class all the way. He may be the next Pele. Predication: with Adu captaining the Yanks, they win the 2014 World Cup.

Alexandra Leggat said...

I agree. Adu is some talent. The U.S. could win this U-20 World Cup and with talent like Adu and the winger, and others, they look very strong. Power's shifting, who knows it could be anyone's cup in 2014. I love Kornheiser and Wilbon but they've never been big on soccer!