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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Skipper

Some games take time to assimilate, like some movies, books etc. You need time to mull over what happened before talking about it. I felt this way about the USA vs Brazil game. Ultimately, what I felt is that USA play like pros, this is the future national team, and they are playing like it now, almost more accomplished than their superiors, the old nationals. Brazil have so many talented players that have yet to hone their craft. They will be superb when they are ripe. Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Ronaldinho (Brazil), were like some of these kids too at first, bubbling over with natural talent but not quite sure how to control it and apply it to the 'team'. Once they grew into their talent, yikes!

What USA have that Brazil don't, I think, is a great leader. Adu looks after his mates on the field. He's not a selfish player, for a superstar. They work great together and Adu has the ability to help make many of his teammates shine - like Altidore for example, a combination of great coaching, a great skipper, and strong experienced players is what's taking this team swiftly up the ranks. I think they stand a great chance in the round of sixteen.

I'm crossing my fingers for Scotland against Costa Rica tonight - it's going to be a strange match-up.

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Anonymous said...

Altidore, one of the very pleasant discoveries during this tournament, as is the entire American team, with the general Adu at the helm. Look our World Cup!