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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Survival of the Fittest

There are obstacles and then there are locked doors, brick walls, bridgeless waterways, jail cells, quick sand, all things that hinder one from moving freely, and ultimately prevent one from progressing, reaching a destination or achieving a goal. Barring the metaphors, in today's Argentina vs Mexico game, Mexico not only met their match, their match superseded them on many levels. They shut them down and wore them down, like a crafty predator does its prey. Argentina completely took over in the second half and defended their jewel of a goal, disabling the frustrated Mexican side. Dos Santos couldn't get in goal position if he tried, surrounded by blue and white shirts at every turn. All of Mexico's opportunities were used up in the first half, and that sneaky goal by Moralez in the remaining seconds of the first half must have sealed Argentinian coach Hugo Tocalli's strategy for the remainder of the game; hang onto the lead and prevent the Mexicans from scoring - it worked. The Argentinians were sturdy, strong and cunning. With the likes of Aguero, Moralez and feisty Yacob, who was yanked off the field at one point by his coaches and given a talking to, Mexico's opponent were simply too well prepared, too well coached and too powerful. Their confidence on the field is inherent - it's in their football genes, natural. Their predecessors, their ancestors, these boys too are so familiar with competing in and winning championships, they pull the astroturf right out from under the other teams feet. Despite my visions and hopes, if Mexico were finally destined to lose to someone, there's no shame in losing to the likes of this Argentinian side. They put up a good fight but just couldn't make a move. It won't be the last of Dos Santos,Barrera,Vela, Guerrero etc. Of all the future superstars we've been exposed to in this U-20 World Cup and future fixtures for their respective national teams, Dos Santos' career is one I really look forward to following. I can't wait until he meets Yacob, Moralez, Mercado, Benego and Aguero again. Because you know all these players are going to be kicking-off against each other on numerous occassions for the next, oh, ten years or so, at least.

So, lets see how Argentina handle their geographical neighbours, Chile. It could be interesting - it's always interesting.


John said...


hey look, we chose the smae blog template, sort of:

I think Argentina is going all the way. It seems inevitable.

Great to see you last night. Really great.

John said...

of course I meant 'same' not 'smae'


Alexandra Leggat said...

Hi John:

Great to see last night too! Thanks so much for coming to the launch.

I'm afraid to put it out on the ether, but I have a feeling Argentina are destined for the big win too. However, it's not over until its over!!

Talk to you soon!

Alexandra Leggat said...

Of course I meant to say great to see 'you' too!