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Friday, July 27, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

I was feeling a sort of post-partum depression with the end of the U-20 World Cup but the beauty of the football world is that there's rarely a dull moment. In less than a month from now on August 11th the official season begins, English, Scottish, then Seria A, Bundesliga et al - on August 18th the FIFA U-17 tournament gets underway in Korea, and Beijing hosts the FIFA Women's World Cup in September . Ah, the beautiful game.

Trades, rumours, and all that are happening across the Premiership. The most interesting one to me thus far is about Gabriel Heinze's threat to leave Man U for Liverpool. This brings me back to the strange dichotomy of liking certain players but not their clubs. I've always liked Heinze as a player, can't stand Man U by birth and Argentina, well I think I've stated my case before - it's in the statistics. Heinze is one of those modest, lethal players; perhaps the modesty's adopted from the British end of things and the lethal comes from being an Argentinian national player - that innate talent. Now Sir Alex Ferguson is hoping that Heinze, whose taking legal action against his club, will make the "right" decision and remain with the almighty Manchester United. However, I think it would be a great move for the left back(defender) to move to a team where he can actually do something. Heinze's talents have been nullified with Man U over the past couple of seasons and fresh off a good show of things in the Copa America tournament, Heinze seems fit and ready, in his prime, perhaps a little tired, but ready to make a fresh start in the new season. A new side would be good for the young Argentinian that will only get old too soon if he remains with Manchester. Time will tell, but here's hoping he gives Man U the boot!

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